Excellent Staff Members

What we focus in Kinderla is the overall development of a child. While the priority of the teaching staff is to follow the curriculum and complete the syllabus, they keep an utmost attention towards natural development of mind and body of every student. The teachers are trained to facilitate learning, observation, record and assessment processes. The teaching technique is such that it brings a balance between natural habit of learning from the surroundings and that imparted by the trained teachers.


Play group

In the play group, children of age 2 or a bit more are left with trained teaching staff. The main objective is to learn and play together. The fun-filled ambience is the prerequisite for developing sensory and social skills thereby the child could communicate via rhymes, academic materials, stories and rest of other thematic activities appropriate to their age.

Pre nursery

The curriculum of the pre-nursery section has been developed in a way that the future of the child becomes stronger. The children belonging to the age group of 3 to 4 are imparted with academic as well as thematic and creative concepts. In Kinderla, we believe that a strong initial foundation would help develop a robust future.