The Significance of Environment in Shaping the Curriculum

Environment is an integral part of the curriculum meant for the students. It instills the habit of learning. The learning aids provided by Kinderla fortifies the concept of an ideal environment.

Technically Advanced Educational Materials:

Scientifically designed educational material

What could my child expect at Kinderla?

At Kinderla, the environment has been designed for setting the path of success for a child. Your child will be allowed to choose an activity supported by the learning aids offered by us. They could repeat and explore as and when they want to. The teachers give equal attention to each and every student and all of them are encouraged to master an activity.

How could my child receive the biggest benefit?

For active learning, the freedom to make a choice should be there. Our objective is to maximize individual potential of your child. We focus on how to learn and not only what to learn. This approach will instill a lifelong appreciation for learning resulting in the development of a confident adult.