Our Vision

With a promise to facilitate overall development for the toddlers and young kids, at Kinderla Pre School, we believe in providing an environment that enables every child to get an equal opportunity to learn and grow. Considered to be a leading Montessori preschool in Hulimavu Bangalore, at Kinderla Pre School, we believe in imparting value-based education to the children. We use an advanced curriculum which is based on Montessori philosophy and approach and includes various activities to educate the little ones.

We encourage the kids to question, explore, investigate and acquire skills that allow them to be prepared for future endeavours.

Our Philosophy

  • A child experiences brain development within the first seven years
  • The motor skills are also developed by the age of 7
  • The ability to observe their environment and learn is also at its maximum during the early year

Based on these observations, we place utmost importance on helping a child grow and learn every day.

We understand that a confident child is a happy one. Self-confidence and the willingness to learn and do better is a great way to motivate him/her reach the epitome of success in life. As a reputed day care center in Hulimavu, Bangalore, we formulate our curriculum keeping in mind their overall development.

Every child has an inherent nature and intelligence that is peculiar to him/her. As a leading Montessori, we use this concept well and have designed our curriculum as such that allows kids’ to learn at their own pace.

We infuse a general sense of happiness in the environment, allowing the toddlers play and engage in activities of their own choice. Nurturing kids to metamorph into wonderful beings, we at Kinderla Pre School are dedicated to the noble cause.

our philosophy

What makes Kinderla Pre School Different?

  • The teaching approach is based on helping the overall development of the child.
  • Based on Montessori philosophy combined with modern methods that incorporate the best practices and philosophies as compared to others
  • Every activity like dancing, narrating rhymes and playing with toys is aimed at helping them develop a particular skill set
  • The curriculum is structured allowing kids to learn at their own pace
  • The objectives followed by the school as well as the staff allows the child to nurture
  • Materials and tools are designed keeping in mind the curriculum requirements
  • The study methodology is designed to help them understand the need of finding a purpose and working hard to achieve it
  • A new and innovative assessment technique
  • The curriculum objective, materials used, activities that are undertaken as well as the assessment procedure are in sync with each other to avoid disconnect
  • Regular monitoring the child’s performance